What's Under There?

Thursday April 07, 2016

Okay, if you blush easy... be prepared! We’re going to dish about your “unmentionables.” More specifically, what you should know about what to wear under your wedding gown.

In our opinion, one of the BEST parts about being a bride is getting to wear a big white dress! It’s a magical feeling…. slipping on the most perfect ball gown, all eyes on you, with your Prince Charming by your side. Dress shopping is one of the first things you do after you say “yes” but it is also one of the last things that many new brides-to-be are prepared for. Why? Well, when trying on wedding gowns, it’s best to come prepared with what you may be wearing UNDER your dress. If you’re not used to strapless bras or Spanx (and this is JUST the surface of recommended wear) then now is the time to break them in. If you have the right underwear under there to start, you’ll have a better idea of what dresses may or may not work.

While you may think that you should wear that little lacy number under your gown, save it for the wedding night. The undergarments you DO wear under your dress are there SOLELY support, smooth and keep you in place. But where to start? Read on for tips that “cover” all of your bases.


Not for your dress… that will come later, but your bra. We’ve all heard the statistics, between 75-80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Whether you fall into this category or not, before you start your gown shopping, stop in to your local Victoria's Secret, Nordstrom, or Macy’s and get accurately fitted. If you’re planning on losing a few pounds before your big day, make sure that your undergarments change with you. This is the perfect time to assess your assets and ensure you're wearing the best undergarments for your gown.

Best tips (and your bridal salon will be able to also guide you on this) ::

If you're going to go with a strapless dress, wear a strapless bra.Try a few options to make sure your bra doesn't peek out of the top of your dress. Take particular notice if you have a sweetheart neckline because they dip down in front. Make sure the back of your bra fits comfortably below the backline of your gown. The strapless bra is also good for halter, off the shoulder and spaghetti-strap styles.

If you’re going with a low back dress, try an adhesive bra or have cups sewn into your gown.Adhesive bras offer great support and smoothness in front without a back. The medical-grade adhesives on the sides are miracle-workers, they really stay put. These bras are a celeb red-carpet mainstay. You can also try a convertible bra, if an adhesive one won't work for you. This is a strapless bra with a variety of strap options for necklines. It has multiple hooks so that you can wear it halter, crisscross or one-shoulder style. Or, once you’ve selected “the” dress, you can have cups and/or boning (if needed) sewn into your gown.

If you’re looking for “extra” support, then try a bustier or corset.These undergarments are traditional long-line bras that not only give your bust support and shape, but also mold your middle with boning and stretch fabric. While they can give you a great hourglass shape, be careful that they don't create a muffin-top illusion. They should be long enough to smooth you completely out. They can also add a vintage feel to your look, which can be quite lovely. Most bustiers and corsets are strapless, but come with detachable shoulder and garter straps.


While your bra is one of the most important things you’ll need for your gown, let’s not forget your underwear. For the most part, you’ll want to wear something comfortable, whether panty or thong, you’ll want something that doesn’t ride up or roll down. Seamless panties and thongs work great because they won’t create any lines or bulges under your dress. But what type of panty you wear (or if you’re brave... don’t wear) will depend on the type of gown you’ll be wearing. For your fittings, bring or wear one that is the least visible so you’ll have a better idea what the lines of your dress will look like no matter what type of silhouettes you’ll be trying on. Remember, for your underwear, it’s all a matter of comfort and visibility.


One of the largest categories in lingerie today is shapewear. There are so many to choose from, from 'Spanx' to 'Sassybax' and 'Yummie Tummie,’ why we love them, is that these (not so easy to get into) undergarments suck, tuck and slim where you need it the most and have made many brides feel more confident, sexy and of course, happy. Shapewear bottoms promise everything from boosting your butt, eliminating muffin-top, trimming your thighs and deterring back fat. It sounds impressive, and it actually is because these pieces really work.

If you’re going to be wearing an A-line or ball gown, you probably won’t need any shapewear, but if you’re wearing a sheath or a style with a low hipline, like a mermaid, or trumpet style of gown, then bring on the Spanx!

Best tips ::

One of the BEST items out there is the hi-rise shaping brief or thong that comes up higher than a regular panty.It compresses the tummy and whittles the waist and hips. This miracle garment provides comfort, shaping and smoothing. Most shapewear pieces are seamless and come in a variety of nude shades. If you haven't worn shapewear before your wedding, it's best to try them out for a day to see which type of garment will work best for you.

One of the best options for brides are seamless undergarments.We highly recommend them. These pieces are usually made from hi-tech micro-fibers and offer completely seamless coverage and prevent any VBL (visible bra lines) or VPL (visible panty lines). In addition, they are extremely comfortable and feel weightless on the skin.

While white is the color of the day, try going nude with your lingerie.Opt for a flesh-toned color that is one shade darker than your skin shade. Nude lingerie disappears under white and light colors and is preferable to white lingerie under white garments. However, if you are wearing a heavy satin ball gown that is totally opaque, it's fine to go with white. Once you find the right under-pieces, you may want to consider purchasing two bras and two panties. You can never be too prepared!

Whatever your final choices for undergarments may be, don't forget that you'll want to bring all of your lingerie with you to your fittings.This is crucial to getting the best fit, particularly the bodice, on your gown. For more tips on finding the “right” underthings for your wedding gown, check out The Gown Guide: Find Your Perfect Match - from Bare Necessities.