It's a scientific fact: planning a wedding is stressful.

Fortunately, The Wedding Cafe is here to offer soothing cups of joe and positive words of encouragement during those times when deciding on a floral centerpiece is just too much to handle. In addition to staffing warm, friendly experts, the wedding resource center stocks oodles of magazines, books, photo albums, and vendor details to inspire ideas and help cross things off looming to-do lists. But if future aisle walkers are looking for more than mere advice or inspiration, the staffers are also more than happy to help with the heavy lifting, from putting guests in touch with the top local photographers to hunting down the perfect venue. The cafe also regularly hosts workshops that cover topics such as imbuing invitations with personalized flares, choosing the right dress, and making a marriage work long after Frank Sinatra's "The Last Dance" blares through the reception hall speakers.

Hawaii Wedding Vendors

How much time are you wasting combing through thousands of reviews online? How do you know who to trust? The Wedding Cafe's curated list of Hawaii's Preferred Vendors may be just what you're looking for.