How did your company get its name?
"Visionari" is Italian for visionary. Jon and Mike felt we were visionary and wanted to take photography in a new direction with a fresh look to the wedding photography industry. It is also very sophisticated and fits a different audience than Dulce Photo, our other photography company.

What is Visionari's philosophy for wedding photography?
Photographs celebrate moments. Moments that unfold and inspire a story that is intimate and unique. Moments that are meant to be captured, kept, and shared. We believe that. The philosophy behind Visionari has always been clearly defined... to capture the details of your wedding day through photographs that thoughtfully and creatively reflect your personality and sense of style. Classic or contemporary. Extravagant or intimate. Toasts and tears. Laughter and love songs. It's a story to call their own. That is our philosophy. That is Visionari.

How would you describe Visionari's photography style?
Every event is documented with our standards of editorial integrity in mind; creatively combining elements of artistic portraiture and photojournalism to tell a story that is personal and timeless. Reflected in our collection of internationally published images, the effect is unmistakable. Artistic. Refined. Timeless. We believe in capturing moments as they unfold, details as they are. Capturing what is most precious to you and the ones you love.

What is the best part of your job?
We like photographing new locations... so the BEST part is when we travel around the world to photograph! We love photographing everywhere but we look forward to shooting in new locations overseas and in different parts of the world. So far we have shot weddings in Japan, California, Italy, France, and Bulgaria to name a few.

What other places around the world are you hoping to photograph weddings?
We would really love the opportunity to work in Greece and Spain!

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