How would you describe your company's style in three words?

Spontaneous, joyful and free spirited.

What is your favorite thing about a wedding?
Oh, it would definitely be the dressing up! I love seeing brides all dolled up and grooms made up for their big day. It's a moment in time that they are in their most vulnerable, yet most beautiful state.

How did you begin to officiate wedding ceremonies?
Since I was a teenager, I have always been fascinated with weddings and had the wonderful opportunity to work with Alice Inoue and take her officiation class. I love being a part of something so big and special.

Do you offer other services besides officiating the ceremony?
I can sing your ceremony and vows... not that I would, but I can!

Name three things that you love...
I love star gazing, finding different places to eat and reinventing food that I have eaten and love!

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