Describe your company's videography style.

Our style is a combination of cinematic, documentary and story telling. We document the day as it unfolds, and capture great audio and recorded sound bites to help tell a story. For example; When a best man is giving a speech, we may use shots of him helping the groom with his tie and jacket instead of just simply a shot of him speaking about how good of friends they have become at the podium during the reception. We add creative camera movements to give our wedding films a movie look. We work closely with our clients to get a good understanding of exactly what they're trying to create. We give an eight page questionnaire to all of our couple so we can find out exactly what to expect on your wedding day and what you would like to see in your final product.

What's something unique about your company?
Supreme Wedding Films only commissions three weddings a month. We like to keep our numbers low so we can spend more time creating personalized wedding films instead of "pumping out" cookie cutter wedding videos. We focus on quality and telling stories instead of simply putting a bunch of great shots over a nice song. We really listen and watch EVERYTHING we captured the day of your wedding to plan the best way to construct your film. Limiting the amount of weddings we commission allows us to focus on creating quality films and delivering on or even before our deadlines. If you are interested in booking, move fast! Although we may not be booked for your wedding day, we may end up booking our three weddings for the month!

What's the best thing about your job?
The best thing about my job is that it isn't even a job to me! I love doing what I do, it's my passion. I don't treat a wedding like another day at the office. I get excited thinking about all the great shots I could get! Every film I create I try to make it my best! I genuinely enjoy filming and it is one reason why we don't charge overtime fees.

What types of equipment do you love using.
I LOVE using my Manfrotto Monopod. Its incredibly versatile! I can capture static and motion shots. It also allows me to control focus in a number of ways. It allows me to get creative because I can use it places were only a monopod would get the job done. I've used my monopod inside of cars, hanging out the window, off the side of a boat, and inside closets! I can personally film an entire wedding with only my monopod.

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Mele and Brian // Highlight Film - Loulu Palm from Supreme Wedding Films on Vimeo.