What prompted you to become a florist?
I LOVE FLOWERS!!! As a child, I could always be found picking flowers from our garden, and making bundles of pretty bouquets. The desire to express creativity through floral design and the lack of design choices in the floral industry 18 years ago, prompted me to become a florist. Since then, we have serviced thousands of customers and continue to do so today keeping up with the latest design trends.

How did your company get its name?
My husband thought of it... WEB in "Spinning WEB" stands for my initials (Wendy E Balidoy). We thought it was very catchy!

Describe one of the most unique weddings you've done...
I believe it was "The Travelers"... this couple loved to travel and I designed the event using all of the most memorable places they visited creating a unique theme and concept for them. For example, the receiving table donned an old world style envelope chest that mimic'd a suitcase partially opened to place the envelopes in. Every table was named after a place they had visited, and the centerpieces and favors followed accordingly. It was very intimate and the guests learned so much more about the couple.

Do you offer services other than designing the floral aspect of a wedding?
YES! We also rent out columns, large vases, arches, candelabras, stanchions, apothecary jars and people... we have a very large, experienced and reliable setup crew who knows what to do!

How would you describe your floral design style in three words?
Innovative, detailed, elegant.

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