DJs, Emcees & Entertainment

Tell us something UNIQUE about Spectrum Entertainment:

As Spectrum Entertainment was founded during an impressive time of new sound and lighting technologies, all of our sound and lighting equipment is very new and features very trendy and up to date specifications. Our brand new ETX Electro Voice sound systems is one of the clearest and most powerful sound systems on the market, and is guaranteed to deliver a very comfortable listening experience to our clients, while still providing the punch of energy that you want to hear from a DJ service. All of our lighting features LED technologies, allowing us to set up an exponentially greater amount of lights than we would be able to without LED lighting. We also commonly feature DMX technology, which allows our lighting technician to control each and every one of the lights individually, and carefully match the movements and energy of the lights to go along with the mood of the music!

How did you get started in Weddings?

I initially began DJ-ing on a trip to San Fransisco when my best friend told me he thought I would be good at a $20 iPad DJ app. I bought the app and loved it, and eventually bought a professional DJ software and controller, which led to me being hired by a pre existing DJ company. I worked for the company for about 2 years, until the owner decided to take a job in another country, thus ending his DJ business in Hawaii. When that company ended I knew that I loved DJ-ing weddings and I loved the satisfaction of seeing a ecstatic bride and groom at the end of the day, and more importantly I didnt want to waste all of the experience that I had in the wedding industry. I then opened up my own DJ company called Spectrum DJʻs. Over some time, I realized that I wanted to provide more than just DJ services for our weddings. So I then evolved Spectrum DJʻs into Spectrum Entertainment, a company capable of providing not only DJ services, but Emcee, Dance Lighting, Uplighting, and Special Effect services as well.

What is something you want couples to know about you?

I am a people person. One of the main reasons I am in this business is because I love to see the smiles on the faces of our Brides and Grooms and their families and friends at the end of a fun filled wedding reception. I am always willing to go above and beyond to make sure my clients have an amazing wedding day. From the moment we begin to work with each other, my clients will easily begin to feel the passion that I have for what I do, and they will experience first hand what an awesome personal and special experience that I can provide.

Name THREE things you love:

I love traveling and spending my free time visiting friends all over the world, I love to make people happy, I love my dogs Liko and Douglas, and I love my Seattle Seahawks. Sorry that was 4 :)

Share a tip with our couples:

One tip that I would like to share with Brides and Grooms is to be open with me about their budget! We are very accommodating to the budget. If my clients are open with me about the budget that they have, it takes a lot of the guesswork out of everything and allows me to suggest packages that are within their price range. It also allows us to get to a price point that we are both comfortable with, faster. I do not want budget to be a determining factor in whether or not my possible clients get to work with a Professional Wedding DJ service. So always let me know how much you may be hoping to spend and weʻll go from there!