Rentals & Decor

What inspired you to begin REA Events & Designs?

My mother decided to "retire" and closed her company, Show People Hawaii, Inc. after about 30 years of business. Many family, friends, and past clients of Show People Hawaii triggered and supported me to open my own business in the Event Design field since I was born and raised in the event world. Their support of my creativity inspired the very natural decision for me to begin my own company.

What does "REA" stand for?
The name of my company is actually a tribute in honor of my dad - Richard Edward Anderson Jr. (R.E.A.) When he first moved to Hawaii, he owned a design and lighting company called REA Designs, and I decided to honor him by naming my company REA Events & Designs; a spin-off of his initials and his first company in Hawaii.

How would you describe your company's unique style in three words?
Timeless, innovative and unique.

Prior to starting your company in 2008, what is your professional background?
I have worn MANY hats and gained a lot of experience in various careers... event planning and coordination, audio visual technician, camera operator, video editor, photographer, bartender, and model! I have done it all, but found my passion in transforming weddings and corporate events into spectacular works of art and design through custom linens, lighting, decor pieces, and creative style.

What are three things that you love?
Traveling, movies, and my dogs, Squeaky and Squirt!

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