Favors & Special Touches

What is unique about your company?

Party Pix Hawaii is unique from other companies because of our high-quality photo booths that are equipped with the industries latest technology. We customize your photo-booth experience based our client’s vision. Not only are our photo booths top notch but our staff are very friendly and outgoing so we focus on making sure your guests are well taken cared of and having a good time.

How did you started in the Wedding Industry?

As I helped my close friends plan for their wedding, I found myself looking for fun and innovative ways to create a memorable experience for my friends and their guest. One of the things I observed was that often times at weddings the bride and groom would have so much going on that they often didn't get a chance to see all their guest and share in all the fun that they all were having. At the same time, the guest were not always able to share their thoughts and wishes with the bride and groom because of all the countless amount of people surrounding the special couple.

It was then that I recognized the need for a photo booth because of its ability to provide everyone a place to let loose, have fun, and capture those fun times. The booth even provided an opportunity for guest to send special messages to the bride and groom in a fun and creative manner. But I did not want just any photo booth. I wanted a high-quality photo booth suitable for any event. What I ended up with was a luxury photo booth with a sleek, trendy, and cool design suitable for any formal engagement or party atmosphere whether it be a formal wedding engagement, birthday party, and so much more.

This was the birth of Party Pix Hawaii, LLC. Established on the simple concept of being able to help others capture and share their special moments with their family and friends. The opportunity to help others share their memorable moments is a service that we take pride in and most of all find great joy in doing.

Do you have a Family or any pets?

I do have a son, his name is Max, he’s a five year old Jack Russell Terrier who is the coolest dog on earth. Love him to pieces.

Name three things that you LOVE:

I love my sports team (LA Lakers, SF 49ers, and LA Dodgers), love to travel, and I love to eat. - And since I have a tie for third, I also love my technology gadgets and enjoy cooking which usually comes with entertaining guests. :)

What is one tip you would like to share with brides and grooms?

In terms of their wedding day - enjoy the moment. Hire the right vendors. Your team should be able to create your every dream aspect of your wedding, perform their services without a hitch so you don’t have to worry about anything, and capture all the memorable moment so you can look back and remember that special day. If your wedding vendor dream team can do that - then you can enjoy your special day with no worries on the day of and fond memories years later.