Coordination & Planning

What is something UNIQUE about your company?

I LOVE great design! Your wedding day should be elegant and timeless, but it should also be uniquely you. My goal is to incorporate your love story with my design aesthetic (an elegant mix of rustic boho and modern clean lines) and create a truly memorable and exclusive experience for you and your guests!

How did you get started in weddings and can you provide a little history about your company?

I was a bride planning my own wedding 11 years ago. It was SO much fun. The market was very different then and not so abundantly filled. Even so, there was a lot of information to research and comb through. That was when I first realized I absolutely LOVED planning weddings. On the day of my wedding, even with the help of friends, a timeline and a layout, everyone had questions… for me! Though it didn’t bother me that I was running around in my poufy princess dress, I really couldn’t enjoy my day fully. That’s when it hit me - every bride needs a coordinator to pick up those loose ends and address vendors on the day of. That’s really what they’re there for - to reduce your stress. It sparked me to want to help future brides. Because after all that planning, YOU should enjoy your day.

After that, I was asked by family and friends, then their friends… the good news spread until I finally decided to start a business!

What is ONE thing you REALLY want brides and grooms to know about you?

At the end of day, all I really want is for you to be happy.

Family (Do you have kids, pets):

I’m blessed to have a loving husband, two children (a daughter and son), one dog, one cat, and a chicken - all of which get along very well!

Name three things that you LOVE.

New experiences, great design, and family.

What is one tip you would like to share with brides and grooms?

Hiring a wedding planner is an extremely personal decision. Make sure you can connect and be honest with the wedding planner you choose to coordinate your big day. They may soon turn in to your wedding day bestie!

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