Beverage Caterer

Kopé Coffee Co.

Kopé Coffee Co.

Tell us something Unique about your company.

We're bringing caffeine to your wedding like no one else does. We use only 100% Maui-grown coffee. We cater to that group of your guests who want "drugs" but don't drink alcohol, or maybe they want both. We keep the party goin' all night long!

How did you get started in the Wedding Industry?

I (Kyle), was working in catering for years, and there were lots of events that had coffee. Except it was...boring. I set out to bring coffee to events like it hadn't been done in Hawaii before. I wanted to bring the "good stuff" to parties all around Oahu, and what's a better party than a wedding?!

One thing I really want brides and grooms to know about us is...

We're that wedding service that NONE of your guests will expect, but they'll ALL thank you for!

Any Kids?

I have a daughter, Julie, who's 8 years old. She plays defense for her soccer team (go Crush!). We love to play laser tag, surf, and play video games together, especially Minecraft.

Tell us Three things you LOVE:

My daughter, Surfing, and the Denver Broncos.

Any tips for our couples?

Get that coordinator! They know what they're doing! They know the best vendors! Most importantly, they know the LITTLE things and they'll make sure you have the time and energy to enjoy your big day.