What is your favorite thing about weddings?
The Music! Just don't eat too much before you hit the dance floor... but please, please, please hit the dance floor! Tear it up y'all, everyone's there to celebrate you!

How did you get started in weddings and can you provide a little history about your company?
I've always had this itch to create. I've had my hands in poetry, song writing, recording music, and performing. So of course I'd get my hands on a camera one day right? My love for photography really started out with landscapes. I enjoy taking my camera to remote places, chasing storms with it, and taking photos on the edge of cliffs! This passion naturally spread into weddings and I couldn't be happier! You have to be so well rounded to shoot a wedding and shoot it well. Almost every type of photography is involved and I love it! After shooting my first wedding for a friend back in 2011, the demand steadily grew to the point where we have to limit the amount of weddings we shoot yearly and we haven't looked back.

What is one thing you really want brides and grooms to know about you?
This is NOT a business for us, it's our passion, it's what we absolutely love to do. I don't just pick up my camera for events. If I wasn't doing weddings professionally, you would still find in me in weird positions, trying to get crazy shots of something!

Family (Do you have kids, pets):
I have been blessed with two beautiful, intelligent, funny, overly energetic daughters which makes me a very happy (and sometimes exhausted daddy.) Ladies, is it me or does it seem like my girls have an ability to get whatever they want from me? Let's hope they don't abuse their super powers!

When I'm not working, you'll find me...
Singing and making up music with the older daughter who's already smarter than me and being a homemade jungle gym for my little monkey!

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