How did you get started in Weddings and can you provide a little history about your company?

This opportunity was brought into my life at the right time and I decided to embrace it. I had my first wedding in spring 2012 under the direction of a very talented designer. It was very elaborate, yet tastefully and elegant. After that, I knew that this was where I was meant to be. Flowers are an emotional business to be in and it fits my personality. Therefore, I'd love to extend those feelings to each of you.

What is ONE thing you want brides and grooms to know about you?

We LOVE to learn about what brought you together as a couple so when we design your flowers we can use that feeling and add it to each piece. Most of all we are excited be a chapter in your happy ever after book.

Any Family?

My husband Shawn, and 2 daughters, Maddison (6) and Kenddall (3).

Name THREE things that you Love:

GOD, Family, Myself

Please share a tip with our Brides and Grooms:

Breath, Smile, take your time and remember that the most important thing on your special day is that you and your fiancé become one. :) Love Yourself.