Rentals & Decor

How did your business get started?
Our company is formerly known as Royal Party Rentals, and we have been serving the community since 1929. We celebrated our 80th anniversary in 2009, and rededicated ourselves to improving our standards.

How would you describe your company's style in three words?
Personable, reliable and full-service.

Do you have a location that showcases what you have available?
Yes, we have a showroom that is open to the public Monday through Friday, 9am to 3pm, and on Saturdays by appointment. If your event needs specific measurements, we also have staff available to do site visits of your venue.

What is something unique about Island Event Rentals?
We are the largest full service party rental company, and we have our own commercial laundry and fine linens. Our entire company is dedicated to each and every one of our clients. Our shared mission is to enhance each event that we are privileged to be a part of. From product inquiry to event pick-up, we always try to exceed our clients' expectations.

What is your favorite thing offered by Island Event Rentals for brides and grooms to rent?
The one specific item we LOVE to rent is our tent liner. There is no other way to take your outdoor event to the next level other than our magnificent tent liner! We have everything that you may need for any event; tables, high tops, plates, silverware, arbors, chivari chairs, linens, tents, and more.

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