What is your favorite feature about your property?
I have more than one favorite feature about the Hawaii Prince: our location is right at the gateway of Waikiki, marked by our outdoor waterfall, so your guests will be able to arrive at your event with ease. We have award-winning restaurants thanks to our Executive Chef and staff, and these same individuals are the ones who customize the food in your wedding menus. Also, we have the most warm-hearted staff who have the innate ability to make you feel right at home.

What is the best thing about your job? Why did you choose a career in weddings?
I always tell people that we're in the business of being nice, which definitely makes the Hospitality industry stand out. When you're in this type of environment, the habits you pick up are service-oriented, leaving everyone you encounter with a positive experience. I believe the Wedding market chose me, and I've humbly accepted it. It's fulfilling to be part of the process of a couple's wedding day - the culmination of the love and friendship they've shared and developed over time.

What is your favorite thing about a wedding?
Watching the dynamic between the bride and groom as they make joint decisions on small and large details, developing a working relationship with them as they seek guidance through the planning process, working with the different vendors, seeing everything come together on the wedding day, appreciating the bride and groom's tastes as those come to life in the couple's choice of ceremony and reception style/colors/setup... Those are just a few things off the top of my head.

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