Coordination & Planning


What is something UNIQUE about your company?

Our mission is to help grow a community doing good things, so a few times every year, our entire team goes out and volunteers with community organizations to help them and their efforts!

How did you get started in weddings and can you provide a little history about your company?

For The Good Hawaii started as a corporate event planning company. We focused on non-profit organizations and helped them with their events. We started taking on wedding clients as more and more of our friends and their friends were getting married and it expanded from there. We love our wedding clients and helping make their dreams come true for their special day!

Family (Do you have kids, pets):

Both Mariah and Richel have sets of loving and supportive parents! Mariah has a younger brother. Mariah and Richel both have sweet and funny boyfriends. Mariah has a dog named Nana and Richel has a cat named Arrow (IG: @arrowtheferal).

Name three things that you LOVE.

Family. Fashion. Food!

What are your favorite wedding colors?

Classics- White, Gold, Red!