Favors & Special Touches

Tell us something Unique about FlashLab:

FlashLab is an experience - a whirlwind of fun. We’re serious about our prop and wardrobe collection which has been carefully selected and collected from all over the map, if not crafted. In our dress up station you’ll find unexpected and hilarious items such as a fake baguette or an octopus to attack your friend with. Want to be a sea captain, 70’s DJ, or a 50’s movie star? We’ve got you covered. Not sure what to wear? Our stylists are thrilled to find the perfect look for you.

We capture and record this experience with our custom designed photo booth. In terms of photo quality, as the photo booth market doesn’t provide satisfying studio standards, we designed, developed, and built a one of a kind high quality portable photography studio.

Leaving you with crisp and vibrant memories…..

How did you get started in Weddings?

Once upon a time… when the little girl Aerin rummaged in her costume trunk to create and perform a new character, far far away, the young boy Emili was growing up in a family of photographers, surrounded by film, lenses, lights and the unique devices created by his innovative dad.

Aerin has a background in painting and theater and Emili was already working in wedding photography at the age of 14 with the family business.

Those two lives ran into each other in 2007, and the coolest spark created FlashLab in 2011 by this husband and wife team.

The passion did and does the rest…

What is ONE thing you really want couples to know about FlashLab:

Flashlab is a Service.

The passion for creativity, perfectionism, photography, style, entertainment… Stimulate us to create and share with your guest the Flashlab Experience.

Name THREE things you (each) love:


  • Art and design
  • Treasure hunting (prop collecting)
  • Exploring


  • Cooking paella for Aerin
  • Photography
  • Playing "mad scientist" and dreaming up new devices

What is one tip you'd like to share with our couples?

It's your special and unique day, hire professional and quality vendors that really care about what they do. Pay attention to the quality of their product or services. We suggest hiring a wedding planner; they can tie up loose ends and give you the peace of mind to enjoy your memorable day.