How did you get started in the Wedding Industry?

I started off shooting film in school, I was a CJ major and had a great paying job already but didn’t really feel the passion for what I was doing. I started EDGE Photography in 2004 but only as a side project. With the family getting bigger, things change and I started to put more time into photography vs CJ and spending more time with them. I started to branch off from portraits sessions on the side to finally taking on a wedding, then from their it snow balled into my full time job. In 2011 with support from my amazing wife, I left my position as a Managing Partner to pursue photography full time. Now over 100 weddings later I still get excited, nervous on occasion, and even a little teary during almost all father daughter dances.

What is something you would like all couples to know about you?

For your wedding day, I work for you not just that day but before and after to ensure you have everything that you need. This is not only your time but it’s your moment. It’s ok to be selfish because all that truly matters on your big day is that you enjoy every bit of laughter, excitement, and tear. I always remind everyone that I work with to be selfish, if you want to do something, do it. If not then don’t, it really is about you and I will do everything I can to ensure you have an Amazing day, this includes my emergency wedding kit, tips to get through the day, posing, making sure you have a stress free (as much as possible) day to remember forever.

Tell us something unique about your company:

I strive to make sure that everyone I work with has fun, (it’s actually in my agreement :-)! I’m not looking to just shoot your event, I have made so many amazing friends over the years through my work. I can tell you specific things from literally every wedding I have ever shot (What a bride likes, grooms favorite sports team and so on). This is because it’s not just a job, it’s a passion and I still get excited at every event I shoot!

Tell us about your beautiful Family:

I have an Amazing wife, two great kids, and lastly our English Bulldog Maximus Alexander… He is technically our 3rd child :-)

Any tips to share with our couples?

No matter who is your photographer, ensure that you have actual prints. You print what you cherish and one day you won’t want to pass around a CD or a Flash drive to your kids when you want to show your wedding photos. Photos are passed from generation to generation, technology isn’t as it is always changing. I may seem old fashioned but every couple gets prints with EDGE Photography.