How did Eclat Photography get started?
It all began with George's passion for wedding photography that made it all happen! Plus, we wanted to make unique wedding albums that were designed by us for brides and grooms. So we started Eclat Photography in 2007.

What does "Eclat" mean?
Eclat (pronounced aa-`kla) means fragment, flash, spark, glamour, vividness. We believe that life's most important moments are the spontaneous ones... the fragments of life... captured forever.

How would you describe your photography style?
Stylish and fun, sophisticated and emotional, candid and beautiful. Our intuitive abilities and extensive practical experience will give light to a bride's special day.

What is something unique about you or your business?
We are so multicultural! George is from Taiwan and Shiho is from Japan. Not only that, George speaks Mandarin, Taiwanese, Japanese and English, and Shiho speaks Japanese, English, and a bit of Mandarin! We are very familiar with Asian cultures. We are family-based and small, but we have so much love for our clients and often get compliments on being professional yet warm with the best service possible.

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