Having already established Visionari photography, how was Dulce created?
Every wedding is unique and deserves to be captured as it unfolds, candidly and creatively. Inspired by Visionari's growing reputation for quality and style, Dulce was created to expand the concept of creative photojournalism to a broader audience. Innovative yet uncompromised, Dulce believes in preserving the integrity of photojournalism. Fresh. Stylish. Uncompromised.

How did your company get its name?
Dulce means "to make sweet" in Spanish. We wanted to have something that was fun and general enough to expand our business with Dulce Photo. We wanted create a different image from Visionari, (our parent company) that was more colorful and had a younger feel to it. Moments of laughter, celebration, and silence; moments that prompt smiles and tears--unique and unrehearsed. Dulce can capture it all, making life and love a little bit sweeter.

What is Dulce's philosophy?
The philosophy behind the brand is simple... great photographs speak for themselves. An image alone can say so much about who we are and how we love. Photographs, like memories, should capture the sweetness of life's largest moments and smallest details.

What is your favorite part of a wedding?
Every wedding has a unique aspect and we enjoy the entire process. We, as photographers, are the only vendor that spends the whole day with the couple and through the entire process we become friends, which is always the best part.

What is one thing you want brides and grooms to know about Dulce?
We like to be proactive in the planning process to help brides and grooms understand what to expect for the entire day. We like to be accurate with timing and help them understand limitations that may arise. For example, what the limitations are with certain locations that affect the amount of time allotted for photos.

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