Favors & Special Touches

How did your company get started?

I had been making Wedding cakes on my own for about six years before taking over the Bakery formally known as Mary Catherine's. I thought I did a lot of Wedding Cakes then! As well as making wedding cakes, we also are a full scale bakery, and specialize in all sorts of custom and birthday cakes, as well as cookies, candies, and bars. Right now we are expanding into the candy and wedding favor business.

What are the most popular wedding cake flavors your offer?
I would say Red Velvet or Strawberries and Cream are still at the top of the list, with Mocha Macadamia and Strawberry Guava being high on the list.

What was the most memorable wedding cake you have made so far?
I made a beautiful four tier cake with four inches of roses in between each tier, and silver glitter piping and silver dragees, to match the brides beaded wedding gown for "Wedding of a Lifetime."

How would you describe your company's style in three words?
Contemporary, stylish, elegant.

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